Which Testosterone Boosters are the Best?

What is causing the accelerated decrease in testosterone levels in men and women?

Nowadays, we find ourselves in a society were supermarket shelves are full of testosterone supplements. They are literally flying off the shelves. There has to be a high demand for them in the market now. Why has there been the sudden increase in demand for testosterone and other nutritional supplements? What’s causing people to reach out to medications and chemicals to balance their hormonal production? Lets take a look at some possible reasons why there is a decrease in testosterone levels amongs typical American.

Let’s Talk Testosterone!

One of the biggest health issues currently being faced in America is the obesity crisis. Turn out obesity is not only damaging our vital body organs, but also decreasing one of the most vital hormone production in our body. It has been studied that a sudden increase in weight and in particular body fat, has directly affected the production of testosterone In our body. This vital hormone is not just responsible for our sex drive, but also is important to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day. Furthermore, testosterone has also been linked to an overall well being feeling of an individual. So it is important to keep the fat off the body and reduce weight gain to ensure enough testosterone is being manufactured.

We are living in a time where stress is ever increasing. The average stress levels of age groups has sky rocketed since the 1970s. Apart from the obvious side effect of stress, one impact is often overlooked. The depleting levels of testosterone as a result of stress. In particular, regular stress too often is the main cause for a hormonal imbalance in the body. Some ways to reduce stress includes taking regular breaks from work or any activity that is inducing these stresses. Working out and moving the body when times are stressful. Do what you can to limit the stress that is taken on by the mind.  In short, lifestyle changes can lead to t levels going up or down.

A decrease in vitamin D levels overall among the general population has also been linked with depleting testosterone levels. Vitamin D is responsible for many growth and bone functions. Vitamin D is important in the repair of bone structures, the growth of muscle mass and the metabolism of fat and carbs. In fact, making sure you have enough vitamin D in the body can reward you by reducing your weight and feeling happy about yourself.

A bad diet is also a factor that affects the levels of testosterone in the body. Staying off fatty oily food with no or low nutritional value is one sure way of ensuring it doesn’t affect the hormone levels. Furthermore, staying off unhealthy foods will make you feel better about your body and increase energy levels.

So overall, a low vitamin D level, increasing weight too quickly a poor diet and chronic stress are all factors that lead to an imbalance of testosterone in the body. Just taking care of our body by eating right and regularly exercising, can benefit us in many ways.